Reported Speech


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  Changes in Reported Speech

As you noticed, in a reported sentence we only use Past Tenses!

Pronouns also change, according to the person speaking.

Reported Statements

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tenses in reported ex1     tenses in reported ex2    

tenses in reported ex3

adverbs in reported ex1     changes in reported choose    

changes in reported fill in

reported statements 3 exercises     reported statements fill in

reported statements transformations

Reported questions

In reported speech, questions are turned into affirmative sentences.

Προσοχή στη σειρά των λέξεων:

reporting verb + question word or if / whether + subject + verb

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reported questions match     reported questions ex1    

reported questions ex2

reported questions ex3     reported questions ex4    

reported questions ex5

reported questions ex6

Reported Commands & Requests

In reported commands we start with the verbs: told, ordered

In reported requests, we start with the verbs: asked, begged

There is no tense change, we just use the infinitive:

(not) to + verb

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reported commands ex1     reported commands ex2

Time to practise all foms

say-tell-ask     reported match    

reported choose 1     reported choose 2     reported choose ex3    

reported choose ex4     reported choose ex5

reported transformations ex1     reported transformations ex2

reported transformations ex3     reported transformations ex4

reported 4 transformation exercises

Reporting Verbs

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reporting verbs ex1     reporting verbs quiz

reporting verbs transformations 1    

reporting verbs transformations 2

Time for games

reported theory game     direct & indirect speech game

jeopardy game 1     jeopardy game 2     jeopardy game 3



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